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How it works

Existing customers, earn £5 free credit today for every qualified referral! It's that easy with our fantastic Refer-a-Friend Program

Refer your friends & family to U2imobile and, once your friends sign up and top-up their new SIM cards, you will receive £5 EXTRA credit per referral! The more friends you refer, the more credit you will receive. PLUS there are also a host of further benefits still waiting to be had with U2imobile, such as unlimited U2imobile to U2imobile calls across U2imobile countries, high speed mobile internet, low cost plans & Add-Ons and much more!

Log into My U2I

When you click on “refer a friend” tab, Please Provide your u2i number and your registered email Account.

Your friend receives an email

An email invitation will be sent with a link so that your friend can order a free Sim with £10.00 top up (National or International- where ever they’re from.). We will do the free post for them.

You Receive £5.00 credit

You receive £5.00 Credit directly to your phone within 24 hours after your friend successfully done their tops up.

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