U2I Roaming Plan

The U2i sim card provides you low cost Roaming call rates and reduce your charges as much as 90% whenever you travel aborad.Make sure your balance is £10.00 or you can top up for £10.00 and call customer care on 6867 to activate the International Roaming Bundle (IRB plan) validity for 30 days.  Get our U2i sim card and travel over 152 countries with FREE UNLIMITED INCOMING CALLS for £10 credit your purchase.

To make a call,text and use a data, you need to have more credit which won't be included in £10 roaming plan.  U2i Really wants you to reduce your outgoing call charges.So we introduce a new plan called "Call back System" which will help you to give a missed to your loved ones when you are in roaming.

Includes: Free sim+ the more credit you purchase, the better the offer


Already have our u2i Sim card .